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Kiliti bemutatása képekben

Siófok - Kiliti,

was previously called Balatonkiliti, has beautiful territories.
Kiliti can be found near Siófok, about 4 kilometers in the south.
The number of its inhabitant is 5800, the settlement exists in
about....Square kilometerses. Kiliti has plenty of wioneyards with
fascinating views and there is a lake for fishing with a nice atmosphere.
The gardens and woods near by provide memarable adventures for everybody.
There is an international airport belonging to the district of the town as well.
The quinetness and stillness in the suburb make somebody feel like living in a little village.
In the neighbooring town, Siófok, there areplenty of opportunities to go on shooping
in different kind of places or to amuse yourself it you want to.
There are various kinds of jobs and workplaces close to this district of the town
which guarantees everybody that they live in the best part of the town.
Many families deal with tourism here as well which is due to the enchanting surroundings.
Along road 65, there are cosy restaurants, nice shops and hotels or lodging houses.
In the older section of Kiliti you can find Catholic, the Presbyterian churches.
Medical service is also available ther.
If you have look around, you will see some well- known enterprises as well.
To sum up the matters, everything is given what you need for a pleasant holiday.
Visit and you are guaranteed to meet kind, helpful, open-mineded people while you can
experience traditional Hungarian hospitality at its best.